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Biography of Gary Snyder

As one of the most famous American poets, Gary Snyder has been linked to the Beat Movement, the Black Mountain Poets and the San Francisco Renaissance. As a lover of nature and Zen Buddhism, Snyder focuses his works around those themes, and dedicates much of his life to environmental activism. Gary Sherman Snyder was born…

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Biography of Lew Welch

As it happens for many writers and artists, Lew Welch was often marked by uncertainty and conflicted with his role in society. He lacked the ability to meet goals he had set for himself and usually changed them anyway. He was prone to mental breakdowns from the time he was a baby and suffered with…

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The Reed College Beat Writers

In 1948, three students at Reed College met, became friends and eventually became involved with the Beat Generation, the San Francisco Renaissance and the Black Mountain Poets. Gary Snyder Gary Sherman Snyder was born May 8, 1930 in San Francisco, California to Harold and Lois Hennessy Snyder. After attending Reed College with friends Philip Whalen…

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