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For many years, guest blogging has been an essential tool for many websites. Now, however, some changes by Google are making this tactic less effective, and in some cases, they will even penalize your site.

So what are the advantages of using this strategy? And do they out-weigh the negatives?

How Guest Blogging Works

First, we should define what guest blogging typically entails. Normally, when you are trying to promote your website or grow your brand, you will reach out to another website and ask if you can publish content on their site. It is supposed to be a mutually beneficial deal, in which you get publicity and backlinks to your website, and they get free, high quality content.

The benefits of this system to you are obvious. Your article will be seen by everyone who visits the other website, so you can leverage a high-traffic website and make it work for you. You also get a link from this high quality site, which should help your site in Google’s rankings. All you need is to write an article, and find a website that will publish it, which usually doesn’t take much work.

Google Cracks Down on Guest Blogging Sites

This type of system worked so well that it became very popular. Now as a result, Google is cracking down on sites whose sole purpose was for guest blogging purposes. These large guest blogging sites are being shut down in terms of rankings, and in some cases, the websites that published on them are being penalized as well.

While the occasional guest blogging venture can still be a benefit to your website, you now need to be more careful. Stay away from large guest blogging websites, and consider not linking to your own website as well. Simply promoting your brand may have to be enough so that you do not risk getting penalized by Google.

If you can be smart about your guest blogging efforts, and only do it with reputable sites, then you should be in the clear. Just don’t go overboard, or you run the risk of doing more harm than good.


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