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If you are the owner of a local business – or someone marketing on their behalf – then it is almost essential that you have a listing on Google My Business. These listings appear at the top of Google’s search results, making them a prime location when trying to get new customers. Your listing will be seen before the user sees the normal search results, making it more likely that they will visit your business’s website, or even the store directly.

However, having one of these listing is not enough to secure you a spot at the top of the page. There are a few factors that determine where your site will appear relative to other businesses. To help get your website at the top of that list – and therefore more traffic – take the following into consideration.

Relevance – How closely related are your business and the search query? The more closely that they are related, the higher up on the page that it will appear. Businesses that are a closer fit to the query are going to be given precedence in the rankings.

Search Traffic – A website that is receiving more search traffic is going to be given a higher ranking. The more established a business is online, the better it will do in these rankings.

Distance – How far is your business from where the user is searching? The closer you are, the higher up in the rankings you will appear.

Search History – Lastly, how often was your business listing clicked on when it appeared in the search results? Results that are clicked on more often are going to move higher up on the list.

These are the four factors that determine where your listing appears in the Google My Business results. While there is not much you can do about some of these things – for example, you can’t control where people are searching from – knowing these factors will help you to shape your marketing strategy, and hopefully get you a little higher in the rankings.


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