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Search engine optimization is always important, even when you generate traffic in other ways. There are many SEO tips that can help rank your page organically and the better you do this, the more long-term regular traffic your website will continue to get.

So, how do you apply good SEO into your writing? It’s really not as complicated as you might think. Actually, the best basic SEO strategies can really be summed up in these five simple techniques:

1. Keywords – What are people typing into a Google search? Do your research and know what words your audience is searching for. Use these in your post, particularly in the title and first sentence/paragraph. Using the best keywords helps the search crawlers pick it up, so you can rank better for it. Don’t try to stuff a keyword in as much as possible though, this hurts your rank because the crawler thinks it’s spam and not a valuable post.
2. Information – Provide good, relevant and researched info, as it keeps people coming back for more. Remember that longer posts are preferred for SEO too, with 300 words considered the minimum. You really want to aim for 1000 words or more, but with that said, if it’s too long, you’re running the risk of less people wanting to read it. On the other hand, research shows that longer posts get shared more, which translates into more readers no matter how you look at it!
3. Promote – Post links on your social media and anywhere else you can, as backlinks improve your rank. Engaging your audience so they also link to it helps with this, as do guest posts and getting involved with other bloggers in your niche.
4. Easy to Read – Use simple sentences and paragraphs. Space them out so it doesn’t look like a wall of text; this makes your post much easier on the eye. When readers see a wall of text they’re unlikely to read it. People leaving your page quickly like this hurts your ranking, and of course they won’t share what they don’t read either.
5. Cross Linking – We mentioned guest posts and the like earlier. This is more about linking to other posts you have done which relate to the current one. It helps you look more reliable and knowledgeable when you do this. This type of linking isn’t as good as including external ones when it comes to increasing your rank, but cross linking will help when the strategy isn’t overused.

Sure, there are more in depth techniques to boost search engine optimization, but these five basic tips are the first step to increasing page rankings. Start with these and you’ll be sure to see a difference in no time.

We hope you enjoyed our SEO tips and find them useful. Check back soon for more great tips and techniques to help with your writing!


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